Parole describes contemporary phenomena through the eyes of design; design as discourse, design as intentions, design as materialized manifestations of ideas. 

Designing is not only the act of creating timeless beauty and functionality, in late capitalism, it is the business of materializing dreams, desires and fears of consumers. And as such we, designers, must reevaluate our self-image.

Parole publishes design critique through the website parole.cc, news about publishing schedule and other events can be followed via the Newsletter, Instagram or Facebook.
"Parole Announcements Service" is a platform for design institutions to release press releases for exhibitions or events for the design scene in the Nordic Region. We, therefore, urge every design institutions; museums, award shows, biennials as well as pub-up exhibitions to contact us. This announcement platform will launch in the not so distant future and it is free. This platform will both benefit the institutions and the public.

Parole Announcement Service → announcementservice@parole.cc


GENERAL CONTACT → info@parole.cc

Emil Willumsen → emil@parole.cc
Gustav Holst Kurtzweil → gustav@parole.cc
Josefin Askfelt  → josefin@parole.cc
Mathilde Ploug Andreasen → mathilde@parole.cc
Kirstina Reum Olesen → kristina@parole.cc
Emilia Michealsdotter  → emilia@parole.cc
Asmus Lauridsen → asmus@parole.cc

Design and Technical realization → Kiosk Studio & Gustav Holst Kurtzweil

Frederikke Rahbek Juncker
Nina Marie Poulsen